I offer yoga and arts learning resources essential to healing and wellness. As a warrior of truth and of the heart, I am working to further the cessation of traumatic stress and social stigma related to the adversities of poverty, substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Vision Statement: People becoming the central directors in their own healing.

How do people in overwhelming life situations learn, heal and envision their lives beyond present circumstances? I believe that wellness resources and arts learning cultivate resilience in people of all ages.

I am profoundly committed to finding ways of providing access to these resources to people who would not normally have such access because of life circumstances and social inequity. It is often the people who are denied access to these resources who are in a position to most beautifully engage with them. Partnered with Survivor Theatre Project, The Meeting Point, Family Resource Center JP/ Roxbury, Akasha Studios, Justice Resource Institute, Arts Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK), I am honored to partner with amazing and dedicated people that brighten the collective human spirit and strive to end poverty and injustice.

Business Philosophy: My intent is to offer consistent, high quality, trauma and research informed learning experiences that reflect and create a culture of respect and dignity.

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