Karuna O’Donnell, MEd, Certified Level 3 Forrest Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500

"Karuna cares about her students. She draws from the richness of her own life experience and brings that into her teaching. Her hands-on assists are compassionate and healing, and she has the keen ability to modify or amp up poses based on her students' needs. One of the most remarkable things about Karuna is that she truly lives by her yoga and uses the tools she learns on the mat as her foundation for her life."

Heidi Sormaz and Catherine Allen, Forrest Yoga Mentor Teachers

"Karuna is a beacon of committed authenticity. I have worked with her over the course of several years in various formats, from regular group Forrest classes, to a 10-week mentored Practice Circle, to private lessons that helped prepare me for my own yoga teacher training. She offers very real, basic tools that have helped me to find refuge, presence, and groundedness, along with physical strength and a vibrant community. While she is sincere in her spirituality, Karuna is careful not to alienate students by imposing doctrine or new age motif, and is welcoming across difference. By way of clear intentions and robust inquiries, she has become highly skilled in her areas of expertise and is, importantly, a joy and a relief to be around."

India Clark, Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Arts Educator

"Karuna has the unique ability to create a therapeutic atmosphere that is attuned to each child. She meets students where they are at, makes powerful and memorable connections, and gives children choice back in their life through art. Karuna’s art and yoga work with adolescent complex trauma victims is impactful, lasting, and innovative."

Rebekah Roulier
General Manager, Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc.

“ I’ve been practicing Forrest Yoga with Karuna for close to a year now and I can honestly say it has done wonders for me. I started practicing while going through an especially tumultuous and stressful time in my life. Karuna takes her experience of nearly two decades along with her training in trauma sensitive yoga and carefully adjusts the practice to the needs of the student. Her classes are conducted professionally and at a steady pace. She puts a lot of planning and preparation into her classes and is careful not to go beyond the ability of the students. I cannot recommend this class highly enough and don’t know where I’d be right now without it.”  -Joshua L.

“Karuna is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is very attentive, present, and giving. I am always amazed at how restored I feel after 75 minutes in her presence. I was completely new to Forrest yoga when I took my first class with Karuna, and I am hooked. Karuna is extremely sensitive to injuries, pregnancies, tightness, etc, and always asks about issues and tailors class for each person, regardless of if it is your first yoga class or your 5000th. It's sweaty, challenging, shaky, and possible. It's the best mind-body experience out there, so far as I'm concerned. I love Forrest yoga, but I love Karuna yoga most of all.” -Anna H.